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While there have been recent developments on upcoming movie and TV adaptations of the Kingkiller Chronicle series — including the possibility of Sam Raimi directing the Lin-Manuel Miranda-produced adaptation of The Name of the Wind — updates on the release date for Book 3 in the popular fantasy series have been scarce. For the most part, Kingkiller Chronicle author Patrick Rothfuss has stuck to the answer posted to his FAQ page : "When there is news about book 3, I will pass it along.

I don't glean joy from withholding information; when there's news, I'll tell you. But while a release date for Book 3, a sequel to The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear tentatively titled The Doors of Stonehasn't yet been announced, recent author tour stops and Rothfuss' penchant for volubility have provided several updates on the pressures of the writing process and his approach toward the book's completion.

Dick pics and public sex have something to do with it. Rothfuss took the shouted question more as a joking provocation than genuine. Rather than answering head-on, Rothfuss instead tackled what he called the "subtext to this question," wondering aloud, "How do I avoid being an asshole?

doors of stone reddit

But let's view this in a larger social context and say 'If you think that somebody might get hassled over something, referencing it is not a joke and it's not nice for them and it's not fun," Rothfuss said. I got preachy right away," Rothfuss said at the end of his story, before closing the topic with some ironic hassling of his own. I will make you better human beings if you don't want to, you lazy, corpulent, pasty geeks.

But despite clarifying his displeasure with the constant questions about the Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 release date, Rothfuss did end up sharing some insights into The Doors of Stone writing process, analogizing it to public sex. And then I got published. And then my publisher is like 'Okay, right, and now we need that other book. If you get paid for it and people want you to do it, isn't that better?

He painted a vivid portrait. And you'll be paid a speaker's fee, well, not a speaker's fee…" Rothfuss said. Something you get used to doing in the privacy of your own home, late at night, frequently by yourself.

And then suddenly you have to do it, like, right now. And it better be as good as before. It changes your whole mindset," he said. Rothfuss also spoke about continued work on The Kingkiller Chronicle while aboard a cruise ship as a featured guest at JoCo Cruise. And so, there's actually a little clue in there, when Kvothe's dad was talking about the story of Lanre, he says, 'Sit and listen, for I will tell a story, the story of a man.

This is one person's story. And he's an interesting person and he has interesting events in his life. But at the end of that he won't be like 'Welp, I know everything there is to know about this world. You have so many little corners.

There's a lot. There's a lot about this world I have not managed to bring in and I want to tell stories there forever. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.The Wise Man's Fearthe second book in the three-part Kingkiller Chroniclewas released ina few months before the publication date for A Dance with Dragonsthe most recent book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series the basis for Game of Thrones.

So when it comes to highly anticipated fantasy series, fans of author Patrick Rothfuss, not George R. Martin, have had the longer wait. In The Kingkiller Chronicle the bard Kvothe tells the story of his life each novel a single day of recounting from the tavern where he lives in self-imposed exile, under an assumed name.

In the first two books of the Chronicle we've learned of Kvothe's studies at a university of magic, his entanglements with the non-human Fae and troubles in both high and low society, as he's pinched between Vintish nobles and Imre loansharks.

But we've yet to learn why he lives incognito and whether Kvothe found his vengeance against the seven deadly beings known as The Chandrian who killed his family long ago.

We don't even know what king this kingkiller has killed. Will bring answers, and an end to our long vigil? We're not not just waiting for The Doors of Stone — the title for Book 3 in Rothfuss' Chronicle— but also an expanded universe of adaptations and new material, with both a Kingkiller Chronicle movie and TV series on the horizon. Maybe even a video game. With a whole new year before us, it's time to check in on what's in store for The Kingkiller Chronicle and what we might finally get our hands on in Rothfuss has maintained a consistent line when it comes to the release date for Book 3 in The Kingkiller Chroniclewhich will conclude the trilogy begun in his debut novel, The Name of the Windall the way back in don't ask about Book 3.

But all indications are that the writing is going well. Rothfuss has a full draft of the novel and has been rewriting substantially for some time. The fact is, not even Rothfuss himself can be certain whether The Doors of Stone will be ready forbut he seems confident that the concluding book in his trilogy is coming together.

His retweet of fan art hoping for Kvothe's return in suggest he's as hopeful about the prospect as the rest of us:. Unlike the constant drip of Star Wars and Game of Thrones set leaks, script leaks, costume leaks, art leaks and spreadable rumors, little is known about the state of The Kingkiller Chronicle movie.

It almost certainly won't be out in theaters in Lionsgate hasn't released so much as a casting announcement, let alone a teaser trailer.

Most of what's known about the movie has come from Rothfuss himself, even as he's practiced a deliberate vagueness.I am constantly blown away by the amazing things you kind folks make, and even more impressed that you donate those works of art to Worldbuilders.

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doors of stone reddit

For one thing, it used to be exclusively run off of my blog, and it used to run for an entire month. For years and years, we ended up extending the fundraiser out past our initial ending date.

'Kingkiller Chronicle' Book 3 Is 'Moving Forward' But Not Fast Says Author Patrick Rothfuss

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Doors of Stone

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So yeah. Look forward to seeing many of you over on the stream tomorrow. Later Edit: I meant to ask this last night, but forgot because I was tired. I saved up all the change that people tipped to me. I was so surprised at how much i had when I counted it up! Thanks for all that you do! So I figured this was as good a time as any to break my dry spell…. My little boys are, despite my best efforts, getting older.

Oot is ten, and just a little while back, Cutie also known as Cutie Snoo turned an almost incomprehensible six years old. And some of you would be right. And also they were super cheap. Also shut up. I keep their real names private because I talk about them and share pictures of them on the internet. Using public names gives them a bit of privacy and safety.Kingkiller Chronicle author hasn't posted to his blog since the final days of his annual Worldbuilders fundraiserwhich raised more than a million dollars for Heifer International, but offered an update on his creative endeavors in a post earlier this week.

While Rothfuss didn't specifically address the third book in his Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy—a sequel to 's The Name of the Wind and 's The Wise Man's Fear currently titled The Doors of Stone— he did describe how he's "getting my literal and figurative house in order so that I can go back to getting more creative work done. In addition to Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3, one of those projects is a graphic novel with frequent Rothfuss collaborator, artist Nate Taylor.

Rothfuss announced his collaboration with Taylor would be a Kickstarter project, to be launched sometime later in For now, he's looking for a colorist for the graphic novel, appending a job description to the blog post.

While Rothfuss didn't attach a name to the graphic novel project or describe what it will be about, his replies in the comment field suggest it will focus on one of the most enigmatic stories from the ancient history of The Kingkiller Chronicleinvolving characters likely to play an important role in Book 3, The Doors of Stone.

When one commenter shared their excitement, conspicuously highlighting specific words in their comment with all-capital lettering, Rothfuss acknowledged the hints, responding, "Heh. I've talked about it here and there for a long time now… A lot of folks have already heard of it…".

While Rothfuss didn't name the project in his latest blog post, he described the graphic novel to ScienceFiction. There's a character in The Kingkiller Chronicle who fits that description, but it requires a deep dive into the series' fictional history, thousands of years before Chronicle protagonist Kvothe attends the magical University and seeks revenge for the murder of his parents by the mysterious Chandrian.

Jax is a young boy who lives in a "broken house" and is visited by a tinker, who gives him a pair of glasses through which he can see the moon and stars.

Jax takes the tinker's things and leaves the visitor behind to fix the house. Jax follows the moon, in the long-ago days when the moon of Temerant was always full, and eventually falls in love with it. Just when he's run out of provisions, Jax meets an old man sitting at the mouth of a cave.

As Jax pursued the moon, this man was chasing the wind. The man helps Jax open the tinker's pack he couldn't unknot. Inside is a bent piece of wood that unfolds into a house, into which Jax lures the moon with a flute.

The story is seen by Kingkiller Chronicle readers as an allegorical skeleton key for unlocking some of the most consequential open questions in the series. The true identity of Jax, the tinker and the old man are hotly debated amongst fans, with various characters from the ancient history of the Kingkiller Chronicle sized up against the fable-like tale.

It likely has something to do with the ancient Creation War, begun by Jax instead called Iax by a Kingkiller Chronicle character describing the war's history when he stole the moon and pulled it from the mortal realm into a separate plane of existence called the Fae.

The aftermath of that decision shaped some of the most dangerous figures in The Kingkiller Chronicleincluding the Chandrian and an evil, seemingly omniscient being known as the Cthaeh. A graphic novel retelling of the Jax story isn't likely to provide definitive answers to the ambiguities and different perspectives we've heard from the fictional history of The Kingkiller Chronicle.

Rothfuss often plays with the mutable nature of storytelling—where truth and fact are very different things—so the upcoming graphic novel is likely to produce as many new questions as answers.The Kingkiller Chronicle is a fantasy series by Patrick Rothfusswhich recounts the story of Kvothe, an adventurer and musician. The plot is divided into two different timelines: the present, in which Kvothe tells the story of his life to Devan Lochees known as Chronicler in the Waystone Inn, and Kvothe's past, which makes up the majority of the first two books.

The present-day interludes are in third person from the perspective of multiple characters, while the story of Kvothe's life is told entirely in the first person from his own perspective. The series also contains many metafictional stories-within-stories from varying perspectives, most of which are recounted by Kvothe, having been heard from other characters in his past.

The first two novels in the trilogy, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fearwere released in and respectively; Patrick Rothfuss has said that the third book in the main sequence will be the end of this particular arc in the story. The series is framed as the transcription of the three-day-long oral autobiography of Kvothe, a renowned musician, scholar, and adventurer now living anonymously as a rural innkeeper, with each day depicted in a separate book.

The autobiography is book-ended and interspersed with interludes describing the interaction between Kvothe and Chronicler, the scribe recording the account in the present day of the fictional world of the series. The portion of the world where the events take place other than The Fae and unknown regions is called the Four Corners of Civilization in the books, and the whole world has been officially named "Temerant" by Patrick Rothfuss in his blog.

doors of stone reddit

The current system of magics present in Temerant is a direct proof of such speculated history: alchemy, sympathetic magicSygaldry a form of runic magic combined with medieval engineeringand 'Naming' a type of magic that allows the user to command the classical elements and objects are present and practiced by arcanists.

The Commonwealth and Aturan Empire, the largest union of lands in Temerant, has many Tehlin followers Temerant's equivalent to Catholicism with the Iron Law of the judicial system being based on the morals and ethics espoused by the doctrines of Tehlinism.

Heresy against the Tehlin and use of magic against people are punishable by either the judicial and military branches of Tehlinism or the respective judicial and police systems of these lands: it is widely known that anyone who uses magic to willingly harm people will be executed, if convicted.

There are no known forms of slavery, although the disparity between classes of citizens is observable and oftentimes dictates the attitudes people have toward each other.

The present day Temerant is in a state of civil war between unknown factions, with one faction being led by a person known as the "Penitent King".

The lands involved in the civil war are impoverished, and voluntary conscription is seen as an attractive line of work due to the pay of the King - colloquially known as the "King's Coin".

The present day Kvothe lives in Newarre, a small rural village situated within the borders of Vintas, although the story follows his adventures across Temerant set years before the present day. Tarbean is the capital of the Commonwealth, and informally divided into two sections: Waterside and Hillside. Waterside is a slum and home of beggars, thieves, and whores, while Hillside is home of solicitors, politicians, and courtesans.

doors of stone reddit

Kvothe spends three years living on the streets in Tarbean after his family and performing troupe are killed, and before he attends the University. Pronounced tar-bee-en. Situated across the Omethi river from the town of Imre, the University is the center of higher learning. The people of the University are well respected and even feared due to their magic capabilities.

Master Elodin hints that the University is at least a couple of centuries old, with the subject of Naming having much more importance in its inception years. Le Guin's Earthsea serieseach specializing in a different field. One of the masters also holds the title of Chancellor, which confers additional administrative authority.

Graduates of the University are known as "arcanists". The University runs a modified quarterly-based semester system with a ranking system to determine the students' progression in their studies - the three ranks being E'lirRe'larand El'the. Each student starts with the rank of E'lir and after attaining the rank of El'the they can graduate from the University or stay there and contribute as a University Arcanist.It is a weariness shared by others connected to the book as well.

The author is sick of being asked about it, the publisher is sick of being asked about it, and readers are sick of asking booksellers about it. The way I decided to approach this was to pull together a list of possible causes, and then ask someone who would know for sure if any of them were true. Bast: Would you like to have me test that theory out on yourself? Kenny: Umm. Absolutely not. Kenny: I was hoping you could assess the list above and tell us whether any of them is true. Bast: Is this part of your effort to have me reassess your character?

Bast: Okay then. I personally helped fake his death. Kenny: Okay, are there any other ones we can eliminate from consideration? Bast: Yes I would suggest eliminating the five which are wrong. Think, man! It is definitely not answer three.

If Rothfuss had chronoglacialis he would still be making more progress than he has. I think the casting of the spells, answer 6, is the only really likely explanation. Well, now my only hope is that Mr.

Pat will survive Corona virus! I regret having read the first two installments. I regret giving this man and the publishing company ANY money. I regret supporting his charity. I regret making the assumption that I was watching the emergence of the next big author when i read T.It serves as a handy map to some of what readers expect from The Kingkiller Chronicle :. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life.

I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep.

This list just scratches the surface of what's in store for the highly anticipated Book 3 of The Kingkiller Chroniclebecause the first two books of the series set up a dizzying array of plot threads, prophecies and promises. We know Kvothe has not yet stolen a princess from a barrow king.

Relatedly, he's yet to earn the name Kingkiller. It's also unclear if Kvothe has spoken with any gods, though he's certainly interacted with some powerful immortals.

Doors of Stone (Kingkiller Chronicles Book 3) - What Will Happen Next? - Crackpot Theories

In the opening of Rothfuss' debut novel, The Name of the Windfirst published inKvothe is in hiding, living as the taciturn innkeeper Kote. Nevertheless, he agrees to tell a famous scrivener, The Chronicler, his life story—the loss of his parents, his time as an orphan in Tarbean and as a student at the University, his adventures on the road and how he wound up in the backwater town of Newarre, running an inn under an alias.

That last part of the story has yet to be told. Each of the three books in The Kingkiller Chronicle cover one day of Kvothe's retelling, with The Wise Man's Fearpublished inrelaying the second of three days.

While series like George R. Where A Song of Ice and Fire is concrete, Kingkiller is allusive, with answers and clues relayed in wordplay and inference. Not only is Kvothe himself a potentially unreliable and definitely conniving narrator, but so much of the Chronicle 's reality is shared and obscured in song, poetry and the multiple meanings inherent to its more lyrical, subjective approach to storytelling. So while there are many theories, there's little certainty to be had, at least until we get our hands on The Doors of Stone and hear Kvothe tell the rest of his tale.

Our guide to various theories and predictions for The Doors of Stone gives the barest glimpse of the complexity of Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle. Everything is interlocked in Rothfuss' world of Temerant. For anyone who hasn't read the series, the following will probably sound like another language, but it may impart a bit of the rich storytelling that makes The Kingkiller Chronicle such an essential fantasy series.

While the Chronicle is not a series that hinges on big reveals, it's probably best to avoid the section on the Chandrian and the doors of stone if you haven't already read both The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear.

The Chandrian, a group of seven powerful magic beings, killed Kvothe's parents and their entire traveling troupe after his father Arliden composes a song about them. Kvothe's revenge on the Chandrians is the backbone of The Kingkiller Chroniclebut despite being the main antagonists of the series, we know surprisingly little about them. Until the slaughter of Kvothe's Edema Ruh troupe, they were mostly regarded as ancient myth. The Chandrian liked it that way; there's even some evidence they need it that way.

Since his parents death, Kvothe has chased the Chandrian, but only once encountered any one of them, when he came upon a Chandrian named Cinder leading a group of bandits in the Eld Forest. Kvothe doesn't learn until later that the bandit leader who survived his attacks was, in truth, the same being who killed his parents.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Chandrian and consequently one of biggest source for theories and speculation is why the Chandrian are hiding from the world, going so far as to murder an entire wedding party to cover up a piece of pottery with their image.

The night Kvothe's parents are killed provides some hints when he overhears a conversation between Cinder and Haliax.

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