Cz 557

Originally envisioned by Col. It has to be lightweight, have backup iron sights, chambered in Win caliber, and feature a detachable magazine for quicker reload. The Scout rifle has once again had a resurgence as of late, and has come into discussion again with the Canadian Rangers rifle program in requesting for a Scout type rifle in Win and a magazine holding 10 rounds.

And here we have a closer look at the double stack magazine and its iron sights that are visible even with the factory scope base in place. In the early s, the legendary gun guru Jeff Cooper formulated a concept for the Scout Rifle. His ideal was a compact and powerful repeater suitable for hunting and combat.

It was supposed to be a. The reason is simple — to meet all these visionary requirements is not easy. The first real factory-made Scout Rifle was not created until the second half of the s, and it came with the emergence of a new generation of modern materials and technologies. Even then it only just met the requirement for weight, because the 3 kg he aspired for is still a pretty big hurdle for a.

The topic of rifles belonging to the Scout Rifle category has recently come to the fore because of a tender for the rearmament of the Canadian Rangers.

cz 557

Only a bit more embellished with some tried and tested elements of the discarded Lee-Enfields. Supporters of the Scout Rifle concept no doubt sing their thanks to this tender, since because of it, several new models have been created and tested, which Jeff Cooper would have definitely approved of.

In fact, the changes were so significant that a completely new model has been created. The s and the s share just some structural and functional principles and several minor parts. It is locked into the receiver by two symmetrical locking lugs. The firing mechanism is cocked while the bolt is being opened.

CZ 557 American

The is equipped with a fully adjustable trigger mechanism and uses a technologically simple method of attaching the barrel into the receiver, which has a positive effect on high accuracy. A regular customer would probably not have noticed, but in many ways, because of the technologies, the company was hampered.

In contrast, the new was from the beginning designed to use the latest manufacturing processes, led by the use of modern mill-turn machining centres.CZ has a history of firearms development dating back to the midth century, but it wasn't until the late s that the company became well known in the United States. In the company established CZ-USA in an effort to control the brand's future in the American market, and it didn't take long for U.

The featured a full-length claw extractor and blade ejector and was sturdy enough to house cartridges such as the hulking. Despite its impressive history with dangerous game cartridges, the was also chambered for popular cartridges like the. Soon the CZ name was being tossed around in conversations about the best bolt action rifles on the market. Last year, CZ announced it would be offering a brand-new bolt action rifle, one not based on the action.

And when the CZ broke cover, it wasn't just a freshening or a modified version of the - it was a brand-new rifle from the ground up. The most obvious and most basic change is the action itself. The CZ dumps the Mauser controlled-round-feed design in favor of a push-feed bolt with dual opposed locking lugs, a plunger-type ejector and short extractor. It's similar in basic design to the RemingtonSavagepush-feed Winchester Model 70, Nosler Model 48 and a host of other commercially successful rifle designs.

This change also marks a major step forward in the development of CZ as a rifle company. The was a modified version of the Mauser 98, so the basic design concept was already in place. The CZ 's push-feed design was built from the ground-up by CZ's engineering team.

And while there's nothing particularly new about the CZ 's dual front lug design with a short extractor and plunger ejector, it's an important first for CZ and perhaps a more popular CZ option for American hunters.

The war to offer the most accurate rifle for the least amount of money has manufacturers locked in a battle to drop manufacturing costs while providing a gun that shoots well, so I assumed CZ was throwing its hat in that ring. Not so, says CZ's Zach Hein.

The CZ was designed to be a higher-end rifle that was accurate and robust with the level of fit and finish that customers had come to expect from the company.

I don't want to be stuck with a rifle that sacrifices quality, finish or performance to that point, and I won't put hunters who buy our rifles in that position either. The CZ 's receiver is CNC machined from billet steel and retains the integral 19mm dovetail scope bases you'll find on the Integral bases offer a solid mounting platform and eliminate the need to buy separate bases, and the rings CZ offers are strong and easy to use.

cz 557

The barrel of the CZ is cold-hammer-forged and factory-lapped, just like the barrel on the s. The CZ utilizes an internal box magazine with a hinged floorplate with the release located on the leading edge of the trigger guard. The rifle's bluing is bright and even, and it fared well during range handling. The bolt is locked in the receiver via a blade at the rear, and the blade must be depressed to release the bolt.

The first few times I pulled the bolt out I wrestled with the system, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of the release mechanism, and by the end of two days of testing I could drop the bolt without looking at it. But it's not going to fall out unless you want it to, which is a good thing.

One additional change from the to the CZ is the trigger. The 's set trigger allowed shooters to push the trigger forward to reduce trigger pull, changing it from kind of heavy to extremely light. It was a polarizing feature; some shooters loved the set trigger while others wished for a good, light, single-stage model. For those in the latter group, your wish has come true.

The CZ features a light, crisp, clean trigger that breaks at a measured 3. CZ did its homework here, and the trigger is one of the best you'll find in a production rifle. Measuring a trigger pull tells only half the story, though.CZ is not the first name in American hunting rifles, but I think they need more love.

It is time they get the respect they so obviously deserve. This is a traditionally styled hunting rifle. It is meant for traditional North American style hunts, where you often only get one shot.

What the lacks in terms of magazine capacity, it makes up for in accuracy. This CZ is a. The steel is all blued. The American walnut stock is ornate, but not ostentatious. The checkering, which is not cut by hand, serves its purpose and provides a solid grip. The rifle can hold four rounds in its fixed magazine.

The recoil from the. This all seems pretty standard. The receiver is milled from a billet, not a casting. The barrel is cold hammer forged. My favorite feature is the safety, which allows the bolt to be worked while the safety is on.

The trigger is adjustable, which lets you adjust for all of the basics. If you want a lighter pull, less creep, or less overtravel, it is all adjustable. This gun came in for review with a trigger set just over two pounds. There was no creep, and very little over travel. The sharp curve of the trigger sits deep in the trigger guard, which would allow the rifle to be easily controlled while you are wearing gloves.

We had no issues with feeding from the and it ejected well. CZ suggests that the push feed system makes the gun easier to hand load. The length of the. We shot the rifle with a Burris E1 Fullfield. The E1 is a dynamic scope. The glass is clear, and the weight is average for scopes of this size.

This E1 has an illuminated reticle, which was helpful when the hog hunt we had scheduled stretched into the evening. I had forgotten how much the. It has a definite punch.

This is a disadvantage of the platform, I think.

cz 557

The heavy hitting round has its benefits, but rapid followup shots are difficult. It is loud. Even with muffs and foam plugs, the concussion hit me hard. And I knew the shot was coming, too.

Сравнение CZ 557 Varmint и Bergara B 14 Sporter Varmint

And the. It is manageable, effective, and easy to come by. The will eat it all. When we went to sight in the rifle, we pulled an old ammo can of. The rounds were loose, knocking against each other, and tarnished by the Florida humidity. My expectations were decidedly low.One look at the CZ-USA American and American Synthetic bolt-action rifles is enough to convince anybody these modern sporters were obviously designed by people who know a few things about hunting and shooting.

Available in seven cartridges — 6. The barrel, incidentally, is lapped. The CZ American action features integrated 19mm dovetails on the receiver for scope mounts.

It has a fully adjustable trigger and two-position safety at the right rear just behind the bolt. Magazine capacity is five rounds, and it has a hinged floorplate. The American wood stock is crafted from Turkish Walnut with a straight comb, grip and forearm checkering, rubber butt pad and an oil finish. There are QD sling swivel studs fore and aft, and a slight palm swell on the grip — which I happen to prefer on a big game hunting rifle.

Length of pull is With the wood stock, the rifle in 6. The black synthetic stock model is just a bit different. This is particularly true along the northern tier states and in Alaska. The synthetic model is a bit lighter, too, weighing 6.

It has a straight comb, a more pronounced grip shape and thicker butt pad. Other features remain the same, including the two-position safety, dovetailed receiver, QD sling swivel studs and caliber selections.

CZ 557 Sporter

The American Synthetic model also has the same length-of-pull and overall length. For more info: www. Connecticut Hunter Safety. Connecticut Hunting Licenses. Connecticut Hunting Seasons. Kansas Hunter Safety. Kansas Hunting Licenses. Kansas Hunting Seasons. Massachusetts Hunter Safety.

Massachusetts Hunting Licenses. Massachusetts Hunting Seasons. New Jersey Online Hunter Safety. New Jersey Hunting Licenses. New Jersey Hunting Seasons. Oklahoma Online Hunter Safety.Volume: 49 Back to issue. Spotting Scope - Dave Scovill. Mostly Long Guns - Brian Pearce. With a Burris Fullfield x scope in CZ rings, the rifle weighs slightly over 8.

The newest is the Sporter Short Action chambered in. It is relatively large with a receiver ring and bridge 1. The metal of these two rings remains thick leading up to the scope mount bases and in the side rails that extend a short way down the sides of the magazine well. The has an integral recoil lug machined from the bottom of the receiver ring, instead of a plate simply sandwiched between the barrel and front of the receiver, as with most new actions.

The bottom of the receiver ring is further machined to include a flat-faced bedding lug threaded to take the front receiver screw. The sides of the receiver ring are angled leading up to the flat. Tightening the receiver screw wedges the receiver ring tightly into the stock. Creep in the trigger can be removed by turning a screw that is accessible in front and above the trigger with the stock in place. Adjusting a screw on the front of the trigger housing sets pull weight and tightening a nut retains the setting.

Below that screw is a hex-head screw that removes overtravel. The safety, in its rear position, locks the trigger but allows opening the bolt. A plunger on the left side of the bolt face throws out fired cases and cartridges when they clear the ejection port. The bolt is removed from the rifle by depressing a bolt-stop at the left rear of the receiver. CZ states the rim of a cartridge case can be used. The Short Action comes with a detachable magazine made with a steel frame and plastic follower and bottom plate that holds four.

Pushing the lever unfastens the latch on the magazine, but it must still be pulled out, as it fits tightly in the aluminum magazine frame. The magazine can be loaded with it in or out of the rifle. The bottom plate does protrude below the bottom of the stock and is in the way of the forward hand positioned well back when shooting offhand. A peek into the bore with a Lyman digital bore-scope showed the lands and grooves were quite smooth.

Copper fouling did collect on the entire length of the lands after the rifle had been shot some 40 times, but an overnight soak with Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner dissolved all the fouling. I fired 40 cast bullets, one right after another, while practicing with the rifle. The borescope showed an ever-so-slight smear of lead on one land at the start of the rifling.

Bordered panels of checkering on the sides of the forearm and grip are parted by three ribbons.This line of rifles represents a departure from the Mauser-style bolt found on CZ models. Instead, the bolt action features a short extractor and plunger-style ejector for a smooth bolt operation and enhanced ejection of spent brass. Many shooters prefer single loading for their range work, while hunters in a hurry often need to get that one cartridge in the chamber — fast.

The CZ American features a inch, cold-hammer-forged and lapped barrel. The longer barrel helps squeeze out more feet per second than shorter and inch barrels, especially for the hotter rounds like the 6. The CZ rifle has an American-pattern stock, complete with a strong pistol grip and just a bit of a palm swell. Add in the classic checking on the grip and forend, and the rifle will remain in hand even in wet and cold conditions. With a high comb and no sights, the CZ is for use with a scope, and built-in 19 mm dovetails mean there are no bases required to attach that scope.

A good set of rings will mount the optic directly to the receiver for a simpler, more robust attachment. Jeremy Mallette is co-founder of International Sportsman, and an avid hunter and outdoorsman. His father taught him to shoot at age six, and he received his first firearm at age eight — a Colt Commando. Jeremy enjoys collecting unique firearms, and shooting them.

Halo N-Vison Thermal. We've sent you email with a verification link. Please click on the link to activate your account. Once activated, you'll be able to login and comment on articles. Contact support internationalsportsman. Thank you for joining the International Sportsman community.

We look forward to providing content that engages you and keeps you coming back for more. Armory Rifle. Signup For Our Newsletter. We always deliver the best content right to you. Archery Fishing Armory Hunting. I agree to the terms and conditions. Read our privacy policy. CZ American. Key Features: CZ American. Caliber: 6.This applies even more so to the latest CZ model series that combines the best of our long tradition with the most advanced design and manufacture processes.

At the heart of these firearms lies the modernized mini Mauser barrelled action with a short extractor and spring loaded ejector. The first-rate accuracy of all versions is guaranteed by the cold hammer forged barrels, strictly automated production with minimal tolerances, perfect ergonomics and a fully adjustable trigger mechanism. Additional benefits of this model series include a silent and easy to reach manual safety and absolute reliability for all calibres. Our comprehensive and continuously extended portfolio of CZ rifles will appeal to all target groups of customers whose requirements and needs we are always prepared to meet.

See for yourself! This effective and highly accurate rifle with a mm long heavy barrel is suitable for target shooting and hunting, thanks to the ergonomic stock made of premium walnut. The Weaver rail at the top of the receiver allows for easy attachment of a riflescope. Highly accurate. This aesthetically attractive composite material stands out for its strength and weather resistance. A multi-purpose, large capacity and highly precise rifle with a heavy varmint style barrel and an interface system for the quick attachment of a riflescope.

The reinforced symmetrical polymer stock in soft-touch finish is equipped with an adjustable cheekpiece. We think of everybody. We know that some shooters only wish to spend the minimum amount of money but still require quality and accuracy. This model is made in four of the most popular calibres, its cold hammer forged barrel with iron sights is mm long.

The luxurious stock made of high-quality oiled walnut has a cheekpiece and an ergonomic pistol grip. This variant of the superb CZ LUX rifle is a perfect choice for customers who prefer the more traditional hunting rifles in European style. Their needs have been taken into account when designing the barrel, trigger and the safety.

A model for shooters with a dominant left hand, in other words, a mirror version of the CZ LUX with a mm long cold hammer forged barrel equipped with adjustable iron sights.

This model is produced in the two most popular calibres and is available with a fixed magazine as well as a detachable magazine. The SA in this model with a box magazine stands for Short Action.

It is the obvious choice for all shooters who apart from accuracy and reliability also seek fast reloading. Thanks to the shorter receiver and bolt, the speed of reloading in this variant really is fast. This popular model does not have iron sights, it is designed exclusively for shooting with optical sights. They will undoubtedly welcome the fact that the oiled walnut stock with a typical straight forend has a cheekpiece on the right side of the buttstock for comfortable aiming.

A universal large capacity compact powerful rifle intended chiefly for everyday use by professional hunters. This rifle is characterized by a two stage trigger, and in addition to iron sights, there is also a Weaver rail at the top of the receiver. In line with modern hunting trends, the polymer stock of this model has a soft-touch finish for comfortable and reliable grip in a forest camouflage pattern.

A small-lot production of finely tuned rifles, the CZ Valley is with laminated Thumbhole style stocks. These models are available in. A small-lot production of finely tuned rifles, the CZ Valley comes in three colour variants with laminated Thumbhole style stocks.

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